September 21, 2017: 2017, Issue 39
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Johnny and Barry head to the LGBT Expo at the Javits Center.

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The Johnny & Barry Show

On episode 7 of the “Johnny and Barry Show,” J and B go between chatting in our CNG Studios and airing interviews taken from their first on-site recording at last weekends LGBT Expo at the Jacob Javits Center. As the show goes on, it seems more and more of our guests think they’re on the John and Barry Show.

Batting first in our lineup of guests is oss Levi, the executive director of I Love New York, the New York State Division of Tourism. Ross talks about the many places to go in New York State as well as the I Love New York LGBT initiative which was started three years ago and is still going strong. See what New York State has to offer at and tell em Johnny and Barry sent ya!

Next, the guys talk to Jennifer Allen, the Spa Director at The Inn at Leola Village, a hotel spa likely known by now as the place giving away the “Couples Pampering Package,” on The Johnny and Barry Show. While Johnny’s doing all he can to win, we encourage you to sign up at and send in a Dear Barry, if you need any advice on how to get that special someone to go with you. Reach us by e-mail at

Coming in at number three, J and B talk to Matthew Levine, otherwise known as the director of the amazing organization LGBTHQ. Matthew is joined by Nico Vasilo, the author of the comic book series, Kid Riot. Matthew and Nico talk about the amazing work done by LGBTHQ and about the representation and lack of intersectionality involving the LGBT population and the comic book industry. You can find out more about LGBTHQ at

Next, the guys talk with senior community and communications specialist from Live On New York, Megan Fackler, as well as volunteer and donor recipient Palo Lopes, who talk about the importance and immense need for organ donors in New York. It turns out while New York is great in so many ways, we are ranked 50th out of 50 in the percentage of residents enrolled as organ donors. What is up with that? To find out more information on how you can become an Organ Donor, go to and enroll today! New York needs you!

In the five spot, we are joined by our amazing sponsor Marilyn Karpoff, of Karpoff Affiliates, a one-stop-shop real estate broker and senior move manager, whose catch phrase we are still coming up with. Marilyn talks about how she went from being a speech pathologist and audiologist to doing transitional work with the senior community, due to a lack of patient advocacy she saw when helping her own parents. If you have parents or grandparents who need to transition from one home to another or if you need help appraising or settling a loved ones estate, we highly recommend that you call Karpoff Affiliates at (212) 358–8044 or visit them online at Marilyn Karpoff will treat you like a person, not just a client.

With only two interviews left, we bring you the one and only Vinny Vega! Vinny was kind enough to join our show and talk about his night life promotions, his work as a fashion and beauty photographer and a very intriguing product that he was promoting at the expo, a new line of undergarment known as Butt Boosters, which essentially does what the title suggests. Vinny goes on to share some insightful life and fitness advice and says that if you had told him he’d be where he is today, eight years ago, he never would have believed you. To find out move about Butt Boosters, check them out at and for more information on Vinny Vega, follow him on Instagram @vinnyvega_nyc.

Last, but certainly not least, we were lucky enough to have our mic’s graced by Jimmy Star and Ron Russel of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russel. The guys talk about their weekly show and what a thrill it is to be a part of Gay City News, a sentiment that Johnny and Barry feel as well. Jimmy and Ron go on to talk about what its like to be recognized in public, Ron’s dismantling of agism, and then a little, not so safe for work conversation about the things you might hear on their show. The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russel airs live on Wednesdays at 3 pm on and you can find more information about their show at

A special thanks to all of our guests and a special thanks to all of our listeners! Don’t forget to sign up for our contests and send us your thoughts, curmudgeonly, begrudgingly or other, to

Have fun and much love!

The Johnny and Barry Show is brought out by The Strokes “Reptillia,” and features the song “No Time like the Present” by Order Called Funk Three. It is available for download — for free — on the iTunes store and, of course, on Stitcher. We encourage you to send us your bald stories as well as your curmudgeonly thoughts at

Posted 6:54 pm, September 21, 2017
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