December 15, 2018
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The Johnny & Barry Show

November, 2017


Watch this!

Johnny & Barry: On this week’s show, we discuss new things to watch with stage star Jeremy Bright and documentary-film producer Lara Stolman. Read more…

Scams and stand-up on Johnny and Barry

Johnny & Barry: On this week’s show, we discuss credit card fraud with Jim Steele and comedy with Danette Rodriquez. Read more…

October, 2017


A dance with the arts on the Johnny and Barry Show

Johnny & Barry: J and B gett artsy! Read more…

September, 2017


Johnny and Barry head to the LGBT Expo at the Javits Center.

Johnny & Barry: On this week’s show, J&B talk with Ross Levi of New York State’s tourism board, Jennifer Allen of the Leola Village Hotel, Matthew Levine of LGBTHQ, and Live on New York’s Megan Fackler, Marilyn Karpoff of Karpoff Affiliates, Jimmy Star and Ron Russel, and, of course, Vinny Vega! Read more…

Ruffing the picker: J&B talk Instagram dog stardom, fantasy football, and much more

Johnny & Barry: They’re at it again! In episode 6 Johnny and Barry lead off with a reminder for folks to sign up for the couples pampering package contest at The Inn at Leola Village. Johnny’s been rehashing old e-mail addresses of his to apply, so if you don’t, he really might win. Read more…

August, 2017


On JAB: Equanimous, with a disease called ambition

Johnny & Barry: Johhny and Barry talk with Gothamist reporter Rebecca Fishbein about the battle over that jingle you can’t get out of your head. Read more…

Bald, black, and Asian!

Johnny & Barry: It’s the fourth episode of the Johnny and Barry Show, comedian Misha Han joins the boys. Read more…

July, 2017


Just the two of us!

Johnny & Barry: Johnny and Barry introduce some new segments. Read more…

June, 2017


Johnny and Barry talk to ghosts!

Johnny & Barry: Well, at least they talk to a guy who investigates ghosts. Read more…

Introducing the Johnny and Barry Show on CNG Radio

Johnny & Barry: The Johnny and Barry Show hosted released its first episode this week. In celebration of Pride month, the hosts Johnny Kunen and Barry Livan were joined by a group of New York City high-school students, who came by to talk about their experiences as either allies or members of the Urban Assembly Maker Academy’s LGBTQ community, focusing on their school’s atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, and love. Read more…

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