December 15, 2018
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March, 2018


On BPR: Teamster says long hours make it tough for his drivers to stay safe

Podcast: Drivers behind the wheel of private garbage trucks are so overworked they can barely keep their eyes open near the ends of their shifts — which usually happen when kids are heading off to school, a union rep for truckers told Brooklyn Paper Radio’s hosts on another scintilating episode. Read more…

February, 2018


On BPR: Marine Park needs to go historic!

Podcast: The case for turning quaint Marine Park into an historic district was made on the latest episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio by real estate agent Jerry Minsky. Read more…

Food for dirty thoughts: Sexual-fetish expert tantalizes with tales from her trade on BPR

Podcast: This week’s episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio got so steamy, we produced two versions — uncut and censored — of the scintillating show. Read more…

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